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Mother and a Child

One-On-One ABA Therapy

Our ABA practice is

  • In your home and natural setting

  • Focused on care provider training and involvement

  • Built on trust and assent

  • Designed to empower communication as the key

  • Delivered by credentialed providers and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Nursery School

Social Skills Groups

Our social skills groups are designed to not only establish new friendships with peers but also to help build upon the skills taught in 1:1 settings. Often times, practicing social skills in a safe and enriching space can make all the difference between a short-term gain, and a life-long skill. Our social skills groups are organized by age and skill allowing our students to be successful in a diverse learning environment tailored to their personal goals. Parents are welcome to attend and witness their children interact!

Office Receptionist

DDA Services

Through the use of the Family Services, Basic Plus, and CORE waivers through WA DDA, we are excited to provide Specialized Habilitation services focusing on

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Safety awareness and self-advocacy

  • Social skills and relationship building

  • Coping strategies for everyday life challenges

  • Managing daily tasks and acquiring adaptive skills

We accept all insurance plans.

We also accept Family Services, Basic Plus, and CORE waivers
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