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Diverse Learning Environments

ABA Services

Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts collaborates with your entire family to develop a personalized plan tailored to your child's needs and surroundings. Our clinic-based services concentrate on enhancing various skills, such as language, social, and executive functioning. While our clinic primarily offers one-on-one sessions, we also provide group services and a early intervention program designed for preschool and kindergarten preparation. 


Our downtown Spokane location offers a dynamic setting, allowing clients to engage in real-life situations and experiences as an integral part of their ABA treatment. The clinic's proximity to local amenities and resources in downtown Spokane enhances the overall therapeutic experience. Our commitment is to create a welcoming space where clients can practice and reinforce learned skills in a supportive and accessible urban environment.


Additionally, we offer ABA services in the home environment.


Group & Social Skills Building

Group and social skills building in ABA therapy involves structured and targeted interventions designed to enhance an individual's ability to navigate social interactions and relationships. This specialized form of ABA therapy focuses on developing essential skills such as communication, cooperation, sharing, and understanding social cues within a group setting. Group ABA sessions provide opportunities for individuals to practice and generalize their social skills in a controlled and supportive environment, fostering meaningful connections with peers. 


This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental challenges, as it addresses social deficits and promotes improved social functioning. Through carefully designed activities and interventions, ABA therapists work collaboratively with participants to build and strengthen social skills, ultimately contributing to increased social confidence and successful social interactions.

Parent Coaching

The effectiveness of ABA is maximized through a collaborative partnership between the clinic and the family. At PNW Behavior, we prioritize culturally informed parent training to ensure that the skills acquired during sessions extend seamlessly to the home environment.


Our approach involves training parents to apply the same strategies and interventions employed by PNW Behavior staff, fostering consistency across different settings. The parent training is personalized, taking into account the unique needs and strengths of each family.


For parents anticipating services, we offer the option of receiving training before the commencement of formal sessions.

Early Intervention

Our program for early intervention caters to children aged 2-6, with a primary focus on language development and addressing maladaptive behaviors as necessary. 


This comprehensive program integrates both group and individual services. In group sessions, children acquire skills such as responding to group instructions, transitioning between activities, attending in a groupd setting and appropriately seeking attention. 


Additionally, our early intervention program is designed for children who my not be fully prepared for preschool or kindergarten. Following an assessment, specific goals and session hours will be determined. 

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