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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified

Kourtney Pickens.webp

Kourtney Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer

I love ABA therapy because it makes positive impact on the lives of individuals with autism but also allows me to contribute to a field that fosters meaningful and lasting change. The combination of making a difference and running a purpose-driven business aligns perfectly with my values, making ABA therapy a truly rewarding venture.

Samantha Cook.webp

Samantha Cook

Operations Director

Before I found ABA, I worked in the public school setting. I've seen so many therapeutic approaches but the ABA environment is the first where I found that simply said, "Of course they can. Of course they can learn, and of course they are worth teaching." Not just that, but rather, that they have a right to be taught, and a right to learn.

Kelsey McGill.webp

Kelsey McGill

Clinical Director

I love that ABA is able to be individualized to all of our clients to help make improvements in their everyday life. Watching the evidence of this change through data, seeing visible growth as well as guardians reporting skills continuing to grow outside of sessions makes ABA so special.

Sorcha Connor-Boyle.webp

Sorcha Coomes

Behavior Analyst

I love that ABA is so versatile. It can work in any environment with anyone!

Carrie Olson.webp

Carrie Olson

Behavior Analyst

I love ABA because I get to help my clients engage with the world around them in their own unique way. Watching a child learn to make new friends and seeing their eyes light up when they discover a new way to share their interests and desires with their family will never get old.

Holly Swartz.webp

Holly Swartz

Behavior Analyst

I love ABA because it can change a child and their family's life! Teaching a child how to commicate with the world around them is an amazing experience to be a part of.

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